What's a Bill Glass Behind the Walls Evangelism Event All About?

Get ready to serve!

Discover what a Bill Glass Behind the Walls Evangelism Event looks like, get registered, and then get equipped!  Below you will find information on what we do, the materials we use, the rules we abide by, and an encouraging set of videos about evangelism in every day life.


Experience Behind the Walls Evangelism

Here's a quick taste of what it's like to experience a Behind the Walls Evangelism Training and Evangelism Event! 

Powerful speakers, fantastic entertainers, athletes, NASCARS, motorcycles...warm up the audience, and then God's church steps in to share Jesus Christ.

Event Preparation: A Nuts and Bolts Look at Evangelism Course on RightNow Media

As a free gift to you, Bill Glass has provided a RightNow Media account for you.  In preparation for the upcoming event, please go to the RightNow site and go through the A Nuts and Bolts Look at Evangelism by Steve Stroope at the link below.  Please watch all 3 videos and answer the questions accompanying each video.  If you did not receive an invitation for RIghtNow Media, click here to email the home office or give us a call.


Teammate Packet

The Teammate Packet is an envelope of materials you'll receive at Equip & Ignite and that you'll take with you into the facility. It contains our effective tract and other materials to help you share with offenders.  Click here to download and review a summary of the documents in the Teammate Packet.

Registering for an Evangelism Event

Ready to go with us!  Click on one of the links below for instructions on how to register for an event.  Think you can handle it on your own?  Click here to go to the Events Calendar.

Need some guidance?

I need to create an account and register for an event! 

I already have an account. How do I register for an event?

The Tract

The What Do You Think? tract is the main tool you will be using on the event.  The better you know it before the event the easier it will be to use it on the event.  Download an electronic copy here and familiarize yourself with it

Do’s and Don’ts - Rules when in a Facility

This document is your one-stop shop to learn all the things you need to do and not do inside correctional facilities. Click here to read and download the "Do's & Don'ts."  Watch the Do’s and Don’t’s video here:


Our Statement of Beliefs 

The foundation of our ministry is based on the Statement of our Beliefs.  It is important that your beliefs match up with ours so we are pulling in the same direction on an evangelism event.  Click here to review our Statement of Beliefs