I signed up for an event. What now?

Get equipped to serve!

Thank you for signing up for to serve with Bill Glass Behind the Walls! Below are documents to read and corresponding videos to watch that will equip you for going into a correctional facility with us.
Please take time to review these materials prior to the event. We will cover all of these items at the Equip & Ignite training session, but you will be even better prepared if you have already read the materials and watched the training videos.


Experience Behind the Walls Evangelism Training

Here's a quick taste of what it's like to experience a Behind the Walls Evangelism Training and Evangelism Event! 

Powerful speakers, fantastic entertainers, athletes, NASCARS, motorcycles...warm up the audience, and then God's church steps in to share Jesus Christ.

Bill Glass Equip & Ignite Materials 

Connect here to a Dropbox folder of all the materials you'll need for a successful Equip & Ignite event.
Click here to download your materials.

Click below to watch our training video!

Do’s and Don’ts

This document is your one-stop shop to learn all the things you need to do and not do inside correctional facilities. Click here to read and download the "Do's & Don'ts."

Watch the Do’s and Don’t’s video here:


Teammate Packet

The Teammate Packet is an envelope of materials you'll receive at Equip & Ignite and that you'll take with you into the facility. It contains our effective tract and other materials to help you share with offenders.
Click here to read a summary of the documents in the Teammate Packet.