BEFORE THE EVENT: We communicate important event information by email, mail, and phone.

By Email:
Immediate: Confirmation of registration payment when you register online
About 2 weeks before event: Email with the location of the Thursday or Friday night Tailgate Party and Equip & Ignite training and worship
As needed: Other event specific emails 

By Mail:
About 2 weeks before event: A reminder email about the event with dates, meeting times, and meeting locations. 

By Phone:
Week of the event: A phone call from the person who is coordinating at the location where you have been assigned to serve. 


Equip & Ignite (E&I): 
At E&I, we educate our volunteers (teammates) on what to expect at the facilities we’re visiting, train them to share their faith with our tract, and provide spiritual preparedness with praise and worship music.


Enter the facility:
Present your government issued ID (often, the prison will collect them and keep them until you leave)
Go through security and be escorted to your location

Attend the program:
Our professionally staged events typically take place in common areas such as recreation yards and gyms, except in jails or facilities without common areas, programs are held inside housing areas. We feature athletes, entertainers, musicians, and ex-offenders sharing their talents and their stories of how they came to faith in Jesus Christ. Our performers draw the inmates and juvenile offenders out to the program that typically wouldn’t attend a church or chapel service. They do this by offering hope; which opens the door for our teammates to share their faith one-on-one or in small groups using our proven tract.

Visit with offenders:
Begin conversations with offenders; one-one-one or in a small group. Discuss the BGBTW tract as reviewed at E&I training. Use other materials in the Teammate Packet as needed. Give each offender who makes a decision for Christ a Study Guide and sign him/her up for Crossroads’ correspondence bible study if asked. As time permits, share your testimony, pray for them and their families, and encourage them to continue in their knowledge and love of the Lord.

Leave the facility:
Your Site Coordinator will advise when it’s time to wrap up and where to go after visiting with offenders. You’ll complete the required forms as shown at E&I and give them to the Site Coordinator. As a group, you’ll be given your ID’s back and will exit together.

Banquet (on Weekend of Champions (WOC) “2 day” events only): 
Immediately after leaving the correctional facilities on the Friday of a WOC, we provide dinner, share experiences from the day, and hold a short award ceremony for teammates achieving event attendance milestones.


Site Coordinators will compile all forms and calculate the results for each facility. Later that same day, all registered Teammates will receive a phone call with the event’s total results. If you provided a cell phone number, you will also receive a text message with the results. An event survey will be emailed to all registered Teammates, and we encourage everyone to complete them with as much detail as possible to help us continue improving our events.


Teammate: A BGBTW volunteer
Site Coordinator: The BGBTW lead volunteer who leads a group of Teammates during an event
Regional Director: The BGBTW staff member who oversees events in a specific region of the country
Head Coach: The BGBTW volunteer who leads a team of volunteers in a region of the country responsible for raising people and funds for events and provide other event support
Teammate Packet: Envelope of materials given to each Teammate to share with offenders at an event
Equip & Ignite (E&I): The training and worship session held before each event
Tailgate Party: Food and fellowship during E&I training